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Charlotte, NC 28204 OFFICE: 980-224-8435
Limitless GIVING = Limitless RECEIVING




Another Chance 1 is an innovative organization based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Our goal is to facilitate a change in the disenfranchised communities where the access to alternate education, job preparedness and basic services are being under-realized for adults, youth and the elderly. The organization is built with belief that prayer and hope can change things, individual's lives. The focus is not the African Americans, Caucasians, Asians, or Hispanics, but our focus is on the hearts of the American people to provide hope for someone less fortunate than yourself.


Veronica White, Senior VP/Controller



Devonne Jackson, VP of Administration



Christina Hairston, Housing Project Assistant


Janelle Hall, Event Coordinator


Rickey Turner, Venue Team Lead


Chuck Rozak, Data Entry Specialist


DaQuan Dunlap, Project Consultant

Lottie Freeman

Mrs. Lottie Freeman is the Founder and President of Another Chance 1. She was employed for Conoco, Biggers Brothers and US Foodservice for over twenty years. In 2010, she became unemployed due to the economic crisis. She was determined to "pull-up her bootstraps" and do something about her financial set back while reaching out to others battling the same situation. During her rise above the economic situation, she found that helping others has blessed her. After careful thought and consideration, Another Chance 1 was born.


Another Chance 1 is registered as a Non-Profit Organization in North Carolina. Copyright 2014